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Drupak provides following world class trainings.You can sign up online for these courses.

  • Introduction to Drupal:
  • Installing Drupal
  • Navigating the Drupal interface
  • Understanding Drupal content
  • Managing Drupal content using content types
  • Adding data fields to Drupal content
  • Categorizing contact with Taxonomy
  • Blocks and Menus
  • Core Modules(Blog,Forum,Poll,Aggregator,Contact)
  • Choosing and configuring modules
  • Choosing and configuring themes
  • Configuring and working with Drupal user permissions
  • Creating a mockup in Adobe Fireworks
  • Converting Fireworks mockup to HTML  via (
  • Converting HTML template to Drupal


Extensive coverage of Drupal API and a custom module will be built at the end of the course.

  • Basics of Websites
  • Introduction to Drupal
  • Overview of the Sample Website to be created during the day
  • Understanding Drupal nomenclature
  • Creating Content
  • Introduction to Views
  • Introduction to Panels
  • Completing the website
  • Launching

This course will comprise of the following main components.

  1. HTML & CSS
  3. PHP


  • Introduction to HTML
  • The many different HTML tags
  • Attributes


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